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PVA Polishing Wheels


PVA Polishing Wheels (Type 27 / 1)

PVA grinding wheel is made of polyvinyl alcohol, phenolic resin, combined with alumina abrasive. Suitable for metal and non-metal polishing, most suitable for polishing stainless steel, copper alloy and other tough materials and complex surface polishing parts.

Characteristics: has a large elasticity, porosity and strong water absorption, can be adjusted with additives hardness, taking into account the process of polishing and cutting. In view of the characteristics of high hardness and strong viscosity of stainless steel material, the grinding debris is easy to be eliminated in the grinding process, the grinding resistance is uniform, the heat is less, and the blockage will not be caused; The cutting is uniform, the finishing surface is good, and there will be no deep wear marks. With the ability to change the front Angle of the grinding edge, good sharpness, no chip accumulation.

Applications: suitable for stainless steel tableware, watch case, stainless steel pipe and other stainless steel workpiece grinding and mirror polishing, remove the stainless steel plate surface scale and defects, after polishing the surface can achieve mirror effect.